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100% of adult population of Himachal Pradesh has been vaccinated

Himachal Pradesh became the first India state to vaccinate its entire adult population.

The state government of Himachal Pradesh announced that it became the first state in India to get its entire adult population vaccinated. According to the official report, all adults in Himachal Pradesh have been vaccinated at least with one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

When the spike of Covid-19 cases was reported in India, the vaccination efforts got increased with the installation of many vaccination camps throughout India. Himachal Pradesh also saw many vaccination camps that were installed throughout the villages and major cities of the state.

With more and more variants being found every week, it is unclear whether the current vaccines are capable enough to combat the risk of infection. There is still a lot of vaccine-hesitancy in many people. People still believe that vaccines are the reason the new variants are coming up.

Presently, credible data is missing to understand a clear picture of the risks of Covid-19 variants. Also, a long-term study of the new vaccines needs to be done to know the safety of the vaccines on a person’s health.

Also, the stress of the upcoming third wave made people go out in large numbers to get vaccinated. Despite all this, Himachal Pradesh has become the first state in India to vaccinate its entire adult population.

The following detailed report from ‘Hindustan Times’ talks about the recent announcement made by the state government on becoming the first state in India to fully vaccinate its adult population.


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