15,000 tourist visas issued free of cost until now

The total number of free visas will be 500,000.

As per the announcement earlier, the government of India announced that 500,000 visas will be issued free of cost. These visas are for foreign nationals who are planning to travel to India in the coming months. These visas will be issued on a first-come-first-serve basis. This initiative was taken by the government to help boost the tourism economy of India.

The international flights will most likely start from December of this year. The chartered flights are already scheduled to arrive in Goa. The opening of the tourist season is expected with the boost in the tourism activities in the coming months.

As per the health officials, the safety guidelines are already in place and Covid-appropriate-behavior is expected from all tourists and tourism operators. As of now, the first batch of tourists is expected from the chartered flights arriving from the United Kingdom. At the beginning of the next year, we can expect the full recovery of the tourism sector.

Following is the news article from the ‘Business Line’ reporting about the number of free visas issued until now.


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