180 reported deaths after vaccination in India

The data for Covid related deaths are accurately reported since the beginning of the Pandemic.

The recent presentation given by the National AEFI Committee pointed out that there were 617 severe cases of people including people who died after vaccination since March 31st. Out of these 617, 180 people were reported as dead after taking the vaccination. The remaining others were hospitalized with severe symptoms.

These were the cases that were documented officially. However, there are so many undocumented deaths and cases in India for which there is no record. The Government has not yet indicated any issue with the vaccines and has said that the vaccines are mostly good.

The documented cases of the deaths were caused by stroke and reduced blood flow to the heart which occur suddenly. In the last few weeks, India has seen a massive shortage of vaccine availability which created a huge demand for vaccines from the Indian population.

In the coming weeks, the Russian vaccine Sputnik along with Pfizer and Moderna will be officially authorized to be sold to India. Pfizer and Moderna have already put forward a condition that they will not be held responsible if anything goes wrong with the people taking the shots.

There are fears among people against vaccines and their potential effects on the human body. People in the rural parts of India are the ones who are getting the most vaccinations done. These remote parts of India are also the ones that are reporting deaths happening after vaccinations. Many villagers are refusing the vaccinations despite being called conspiracy theorists.

The following news article from ‘The Quint’ is one of the many cases of individuals dying after the Covid vaccination shot.

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