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4 Indian states became Coronavirus free and trials of a potential cure underway

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During these trying times of the Coronavirus pandemic, there is some good news. The four Indian states; Tripura, Goa, Arunachal Pradesh, and Manipur have now totally free of any COVID-19 positive cases. This is a sign of hope for the people of India. All the state governments have been fighting against the virus. People have dealt responsibly during the lockdown period. Healthcare officials and administration have made a significant contribution to slow the spread of the virus in these states.

Twelve districts of the above-mentioned States are now declared to be ‘Green Zones’. This is due to the fact that there are absolutely no cases of Coronavirus patients. Throughout India, 300 districts are now virus-free and 297 districts of India, which were considered ‘hotspots’ are now free from that label. The lockdown has been successful in slowing down the spread and in reducing the total number of new cases in the country.

Hope for finding a Cure: Plasma Therapy

In Delhi, doctors are trying Plasma therapy on four Coronavirus patients in Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital. As per the doctors, the results have been positive. Government authorities have decided to conduct the Plasma therapy on 3 other COVID-19 patients in a few days.

Dr. S.K. Sarin has shown hope in the treatment since the initial trials have shown positive results. The plasma therapy concept is based on transferring the immunity of the healthy patient to the sick one. This is done by using convalescent plasma. The first patient who underwent plasma therapy is now stable and is off the Ventilator.

The Delhi government has urged the people who received from the disease to donate their blood to be used for the therapy. The Central government has also permitted to conduct Plasma therapy to a limited number of patients. In the coming weeks, more trials will be done and the results will be observed.

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