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5 beautiful tea garden resorts to visit in North East India

These resorts are hidden among the beautiful eastern himalayan range

Temi Tea Garden
Temi Tea Garden, Sikkim (image source: wikimedia commons)

The eastern side of the Himalayas in India is ideal for the growth of the tea leaves that popular throughout the world because of its unique aroma and taste. Many tea gardens in the North East of India also provide homestays and bungalows for tourists visiting this side of the Himalayas.

The destinations have been gaining rapid popularity among the tourists as they provide an unforgettable sight of nature and its biodiversity. Many activities are available for the tourists at these destinations. These activities include camping, trekking, bird watching, and tours in the tea manufacturing facilities. 

The following tea garden bungalows are the most popular and provide a rich natural experience of the northeastern Himalayas.

  1. Ging Tea House: This resort is about half an hour away from the city of Darjeeling and is situated right in the middle of a rich tea garden estate. This place provides a peaceful stay where you can enjoy the local tea flavors. 
  1. Tumsong Chiabari : This retreat is also around 30 km away from Darjeeling and is an isolated place with an amazing range of biodiversity in the region. You can see many bird species in the area which is ideal for the bird watching and the photographers alike. Hiking through the tea estate is a very popular activity that the tourists enjoy. 
  1. Temi Bungalow: Situated in the south of Sikkim surrounded by the Himalayas, this bungalow is an ideal vacation spot for everyone. The place is surrounded by beautiful trees. This bungalow is part of the Eco-tourism initiative and provides an amazing view of natural beauty. 
  1. Baradighi Bungalow: Located at the foothills of the Himalayas of eastern India, this tea garden is a hidden and lesser-known treasure of the north-east. It is a beautiful holiday destination which rich natural beauty of the mountains and rivers. 
  1. Chamong Chiabari : This is a luxury resort which is surrounded by the tea gardens and provides spa facility as well. Anyone looking for a relaxing holiday in the mountains will not be disappointed. This resort is part of Chiabari Retreat and is located about half an hour away from the Ghoom area.
The following YouTube video from the channel “UrsDigitally” shows the beauty of CHAMONG CHIABARI tea estate.
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