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9 lesser known tourist destinations in Adilabad district of Telengana

רשימת מבצרים ומפלים ברובע אדילבאד

Bheemuni Padam Waterfalls
Bheemuni Padam Waterfall, Telengana (image source: wikipedia commons)

Among many popular tourist destinations in South India, the state of Telangana has got a lot of hidden gems. These tourist places in the Adilabad have been gaining popularity for the last few years. Once the tourism restarts, the following are the places that should be considered as part of your itinerary.

  1. Shyam Gadh Fort: This fort is located in the city of Nirmal. This city of Nirmal is also called the city of Forts. Other popular forts of this city are Soan Garh Fort and Battis Garh Fort. However, the Shyam Gadh Fort is the most popular. According to history, this fort is a military fort constructed by a local Chief as a defense from the state of Maharashtra in the early  18th century. 
  1. Koratikal Waterfalls: This beautiful waterfall is a natural phenomenon that occurs on a seasonal basis. They are located in the Neradigonda Mandal area of Adilabad. 
  1. Kuntala Waterfalls: Falling from the height of 200 feet, it is an amazing sight to behold. The Kuntala waterfall is located in Kuntala village in Neradigonda mandal. 
  1. Gayatri Waterfalls: This waterfall is a hidden treasure. It is located in far-away place hidden among the tress of the forest of close to Tarnam Khurd. Gayathri waterfalls are locally known as Mukti Gundam. 
  1. Utnoor Fort: This fort was built about 200 years ago by a Gond King in the town called Utnoor. This fort is a symbol of the history of the tribal rulers who ruled from 1200-1800 A.D. The tribal king by the name of Hanamantha Rayudu built this fort. 
  1. Sapthagundala Waterfalls: This waterfall is an unexplored gem for lot of travelers. The other name of this waterfall is ‘Mitte Waterfalls’. There are other 6 waterfalls close to this area. Located among the beautiful forest, this waterfall makes a wonderful sight to remember. It is located near Pittaguda Village in Sirpur Mandal area. The local aboriginal tribals inhabit the villages. 
  1. Babezhari Waterfalls: A much lesser known Babezhari Waterfalls became popular in recent years. It is located in the village of Babezhari near Jodeghat Valley of Kerameri Mandal. The area is under the name of Kumram Bheem. 
  1. Gundala Waterfalls: Another picturesque waterfall located among the dense trees of Tiryani Mandal is worth the visit. The nearest village to this spot is Rompalli Village. 
  1. Jodeghat valley: A beautiful valley with many amazing natural waterfalls and a home to many tribal settlements. There is a lot of tribal history in this valley where tourists can interact with the local tribes and learn about their way of life.

The following YouTube video from Telengana Tourism gives a glimpse in to the landscapes, rivers, waterfalls and culture of Telengana state.
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