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A biodiversity park established in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

This biodiversity park is dedicated to the conservation of rare herbs in Himachal Pradesh

Recently, Himachal Pradesh’s first biodiversity park has been established in the district of Mandi in Himachal Pradesh. This park has been established to conserve rare and endangered species of plants and herbs. There are hundreds of species of herbs that are grown in Himachal Pradesh that can be used for research and medicinal purposes.

This park is situated in the Bhulah area situated in the Janjehli valley. The main object is the conservation of the rare plants and herbs that are found in the area. Due to climate change, there is a great need to conserve these species of plants and herbs. This park will also be made into a tourist attraction where travelers can know about the conservation efforts for the environment.

This park will be the very first biodiversity park dedicated to the conservation of endangered plants. The Indian government has introduced several projects for sustainability and eco-tourism. The government is planning to boost tourism activities to this park and create awareness of this project.

In the park, there are Amphitheaters, nurseries, a power general plant, a center for sales, and many more. The location offers a stunning view of the landscape with several trekking trails that offer many attractions.

Following is the official news article from ‘Tribune India’ reporting about the new Biodiversity park.


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