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A Biodiversity park is being planned in one of the villages in Gurgaon

Several tree plantation projects are in progress in different areas in the state of Haryana.

Biodiversity Park in Sultanpur, Haryana (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Mr. Kanwar Pal who is the Forest Minister as well as the Tourism Minister of Haryana has announced that a biodiversity park will be developed in the village of Kasan.

Extensive meetings with the local village governing bodies have been done for the approval for the biodiversity park. Also, the planting of various saplings for the different species of the trees has been completed.

A biodiversity park will be developed on about 100 acres in the Aravalli mountain range at Gurgaon’s Kasan village, Haryana Forest and Tourism Minister Kanwar Pal said on Sunday. A resolution from the local governing bodies has been passed for the park.

The forest minister has also visited several other biodiversity parks in Nathupur and Mangar Bani Forest for planning the new project. Several suggestions and ideas were taken from the local governing bodies to be implemented for the park project. The nearby villages in the area also came up with several plans to develop their own gardens in their areas.

According to the minister, the central government has approved the project and it will start its development soon. The idea behind developing this project is to help the environment to fight the pollution problem that has been the concern of the state for many years.

The forest minister also said that several projects of developing large garden on more than 1000 acres of land are currently in progress in the areas of Panchkula, Yamunanagar, and Karnal.

The minister stressed the importance of creating green covers in the state that will help the environment and tree planting projects should be undertaken on a grand scale.


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