A few business activities are allowed to open in low to medium COVID-19 risk zones

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Several states in India have been considered low-medium risk zones along with zones that are free from COVID-19 cases. Such zones for many states in India have been allowed to open a few businesses and essential services. This was announced to make sure the economic activity of India does not suffer any further.

The following report by NDTV shows us the current state of the economic activity in India with the restrictions being relaxed.

In Green zone areas, people are allowed to drive in their cars from 7 am until 7 pm. After these timings, only the essential emergency services will be allowed. The following list of business activities is allowed to function.

  1. Delhi government has announced that small shops such as stationery shops, vegetable vendors, and small shops will be allowed to open and function in their zones. Also, plumbers, cleaners, etc. will be allowed to continue their services.
  2. In the state of Maharashtra, the green zones and orange zones are allowed to open their taxi services with 2 passengers only, essential item shops, liquor shops, and online delivery services.
  3. In the state of Uttar Pradesh, liquor shops, essential services, and businesses that are in green zones will be allowed to function. The business industries can function with 50% occupancy.
  4. In Kerela, the state government offices can function with 50% occupancy. The shops in green zones are allowed to open between 7 am-7.30 pm with Sunday being an off day.

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