A Grape Park inaugurated in Nashik on World Tourism Day

Maharashtra has 60% of the total vineyards in India.

Vineyard in India
Grover Vineyards in Bengaluru, India (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

On 27th September, World Tourism Day was celebrated in various parts of India. During this occasion, the state government addressed the issue of the battered tourism sector because of the pandemic. Some states also announced their plans to revive the tourism sector and help the local resume their businesses.

In Maharashtra, the World Tourism Day was celebrated with the inauguration of the First Grape Park in Nashik. It is considered as a huge step towards boosting ‘Wine Tourism’ in Maharashtra. Nashik is considered a holy city which is situated on the banks of the Godavari River. The richness of the soil and climate is ideal for growing grapes. Nashik is considered to be the Wine Capital of India because 60% of all vineyards in India are located near Nashik.

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Mr. Uddhav Thackeray shared his optimism towards making Maharashtra as one of the top tourist destinations of India. For Maharashtra to boost tourism, the infrastructure to connect all the travel sites is needed.

The Chief Minister also launched a ‘Data Bank’ with all the important information regarding the state of Maharashtra, its tourism sites, airports, hotels, etc. The title for the tourism campaign is, “Maharashtra Tourism, Something for Everyone”.

Presently, the government efforts are underway to revive the tourist sites such as Trimbakeshwar, Shirdi, and Saptashrungigad. All these sites will be well connected to the other important tourist destinations.

The tourism minister of Maharashtra said that his department is focusing on making the state the global tourist destination.

Tourism Minister Aaditya Thackeray said his department has been working on many fronts to put Maharashtra on the global tourism map. ‘‘The Grape Park in Nashik, with its boat club, adds thrill to the scenic environs of the property,’’ he said, adding that the state government was not only providing fiscal incentives but also facilitating and supporting the tourism and hospitality sector on the policy and ease-of-doing-business fronts.

The wine industry has slowly gained momentum in its popularity and sales in the past 5 years. Following the best 3 best Vineyards in India to consider for Wine Tasting and Wine tourism.


  1. Sula Vineyards in Nashik: Sula wine started its business in 1997 and has gained its popularity by its unique tasting wine called ‘Sula’. The famous ‘Sula Fest’ has become a yearly event where a huge selection of wines is available for tasting. The Sula Vineyards are available for the tourists to visit with the Entry Fee of Rs. 250.


  1. Four Seasons Vineyards in Pune: Located near the Pune city, this ‘Resort Vineyard’ helped create ‘Wine Tourism’ in the city of Pune. The resort has the capacity to host 1000 people. ‘Four Seasons Wine’ is the label for the wine that is produced in the vineyards here.


  1. Grover Vineyards in Bengaluru: Grover Vineyards is considered to be the oldest wine producer in India. It started its production in 1988 and has become of the best wine in India. Grover Vineyards is available for tourist visits.

The following YouTube video from the channel called ‘GottaDoIndia’ gives a tour into the Grover Vineyards in Bengaluru.

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