A new ‘Hybrid variant’ of Covid found based on Indian & UK strains

The new cases with this 'hybrid variant' are seen in Vietnam.

Today, there was an announcement made by the Indian health officials about the new ‘Hybrid variant’ of Covid-19 that is based on the UK and Indian Covid-19 strains. This is the cause of great concern as this new ‘hybrid variant’ is considered extremely dangerous.

The Health Minister of Vietnam, Nguyen Thanh Long said that this new variant is ‘very dangerous’ as it is spreading very quickly through air. It is much more infectious than the previously known variants of Indian and UK strains.

The health minister of Vietnam said that they will soon release the genome data to the public so preparations can be made. The Vietnamese Health minister also said that the new hybrid variant concentrates on the fluid in the throat and it has the potential to spread very quickly. It has also been observed that the new ‘Hybrid variant’ replicates itself very quickly and it has raised concern among the people of Vietnam.

With the vaccination drive lagging, India has a lot of concerns regarding the safety of its citizens. According to the opposition ministers in India, without mass vaccinations, the fear will continue to spread along with the new mutations of the Covid-19 virus.

The following news report from ‘France 24’ talks about the newly discovered Covid-19 strain that is the hybrid of Indian and UK variant.

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