A new webinar organized by Ministry of Tourism promotes the travel destinations with authentic Indian cuisines

The traditional India food recipes have roots in the ancient science of Ayurveda.

Indian Food
North Indian Food (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Since the beginning of the lockdown, the Indian Ministry of Tourism announced the webinar series called ‘Dekho Apna Desh’ which translates to ‘Let’s see our Country’. The webinar series consists of various episodes from the history, cultural diversity, and people of various states talking about the heritage of their villages and cities in their state.

On 19the September 2020, a new webinar was released under the title “Promoting Destinations with Authentic Cuisines”. In this webinar, cuisines from various parts of India were discussed. Every state of India has a history behind their cuisines and recipes. The traditional Indian cuisines are popular throughout the world because of their unique taste and a unique use of different vegetables, herbs, and spices.

Every cuisine is meant to promote optimum health for the people and every state has its own recipe and style of cooking. Behind every recipe, there is an entire history of the culture that popularized the dish through India. Most of the traditional dishes that are available have their own blend of spices which has its roots in the ancient Vedic science of Ayurveda. Some of these foods, boost the immunity of a human being.

The webinar that was hosted recently focused on various traditional dishes from three main states of India. These states include Uttaranchal, Punjab, and Delhi. The webinar was hosted by various experts from these states who spoke about the cultural and religious significance of some of the recipes shown in the webinar. Some of these recipes were developed due to the weather conditions and the nature of the civilizations that were settled in these areas during earlier times.

Indian spices have been a major source of attraction for the invading tribes and civilizations that settled in India. From Afghans to Mughal and the British, they were all fascinated by the many spices that were found in India. The reason for the diverse nature of spices is due to the varied climatic conditions that India has. The soil type and soil quality changes with every state and weather condition. This contributes to many types of spices are found in India.

In the webinar, a popular Chef Chetan Rana also demonstrated his style of cooking various recipes of ‘Chutneys’ made for the local vegetables and spices. He talked about the importance of the use of Iron utensils and grinding stones to prepare the spices before cooking. He demonstrated various dishes popular in the state of Uttarakhand such as Phaanu, Baadi, Jhangora ki Kera, Kumaoni Raita, etc.

Several other chefs also demonstrated their cooking skills in preparing the traditional dishes of Delhi which are now popular among the street food enthusiasts. These chefs showed the many traditional and modern recipes for the dishes that are popular in Delhi and North India.

All chefs that hosted their recipes pointed towards the traditional origins of the recipes that were passed down from their ancestors. The episodes of the Tourism Ministry webinars are currently available on YouTube.

The recent episode can be viewed on the following YouTube channel once available:

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