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A steady rise in the number of tourists arriving in Goa has been observed

1500 tourists per day can be expected in the coming month.

Flight over Goa's Zuari River
Flight over Zuari River, Goa (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

The ‘Unlock.4.0’ which is the fourth phase of unlocking lockdown restrictions, has opened the tourism activities throughout India. There has been a steady rise in the number of tourists arriving in Goa. This is because of the increased frequency of flights from other states into Goa.

Another reason for the increasing number of tourists is due to the fact that Goa has relaxed entry restrictions for the tourists. Also, quarantine measures are also relaxed now.

Starting October, the tourism season in Goa will be in full swing. The chartered flights from Russia are also expected to bring in international tourists. It may turn out to be a successful tourism season for Goa.

The Goa government is also working towards increasing the connectivity options for the flights. It is expected that the flights will increase even more by 20th September. Currently, Goa airport is handing around 20 flights per day bringing in tourists. In the past few months, there were only 6 flights per day. It is expected that there will be at least 30 flights per day by September 20th.

According to the tourism authorities, it is expected that around 1000 passengers may visit Goa in the coming days. With an increase in the number of flights, this number may reach up to 1500 visitors per day.

The Airport authorities expect around 90 flights per day if things go well. The increasing number of tourists will definitely bring more challenges to the Health Department. The fear of increasing cases will always be there with the upcoming tourist season.

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