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A sudden surge in the Coronavirus cases in Agra raises concern

Image source : Wikimedia Commons

In the last few weeks, there has been a sudden spike in the total number of reported cases for COVID-19 in the city of the Taj Mahal.

Since March, the Taj Mahal has been closed to visitors due to the lockdown measures. Agra was considered a city with the lowest number of cases in March when in other Indian cities the number of patients was rising. Now, Agra is showing signs of concern because 600 plus new cases were reported in April. This happened even after implementing all the required preventive measures.

The following report by NDTV shows that the city of Agra is the worst hit in the state of Uttar Pradesh.  

In India, there are currently around 42,000 infections and the country is still struggling to contain it. The current challenge is to do the proper testing and to identify the areas as ‘hot spots’ for infection. The medical teams are struggling to do a large scale testing for people.

The authorities have marked the containment zones and they are doing the screening in these zones. Several ‘hotspots’ have been sealed completely and all lockdown measures have been put in place. The challenge now is to implement the lockdown in the neighborhoods identified as ‘hotspots’. These neighborhoods have a vast number of adjoining houses and a very intricate network of streets. In the coming weeks, authorities are waiting to see the decline in the number of new cases.

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