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A tragic landslide in Sirmaur District of Himachal Pradesh led to a disastrous road collapse

More landslides and flooding are expected in the coming weeks due to the monsoon season.

In the past few days, Himachal Pradesh has been through a lot. There have been cloud bursts, flash floods, and exigent landslides. Nature is disturbed and it can be seen clearly. Horrific incidents initiate lots of conversation about climate change and force us to ponder about what we have done to our surroundings. But the real question is, will we forget about it again when the spark boils down? 

After you think about this, read below about one of the most damaging landslides that occurred in Himachal Pradesh on 30th July.

A video of a ruinous landslide in the Sirmaur District of Himachal Pradesh went viral on Friday. The horrendous landslide was captured on mobile by an unknown person. It was shared by an Indian Politician on social media. 

The landslide happened on 30th July and literally took down a whole road with it in a deep narrow valley. This incident might have sounded absurd or unbelievable without the video recording. There have been multiple deathly landslides in Himachal Pradesh during the rainy season, but this one was really extreme and deathly. 

Reactions on social media 

There were lots of mixed reactions on Twitter and Instagram after the video went viral. Some people were reminded of the excessive increase in tourism during the month of July in Himachal amidst the second wave. This brings us to a new term given to this type of travel in India. 

  • What is Revenge Travel?

It’s not long ago that people couldn’t stop themselves from visiting Himachal. After the government of India relaxed the restrictions of lockdown, it created a Himachal frenzy among some Indians. The social distancing was liberally shunned away even though the second wave wasn’t over. 

Some users called out such people for not respecting nature and not taking care of it. Others requested each other to not go to Himachal this time and make it even worse. Also, the video made ‘Himachal’ the trending hashtag in India on Twitter. 

Moreover, excessive construction in Himachal Pradesh was in the limelight after this horror. Over the years, construction in such pure and non-commercialized areas has increased tremendously. Commercialization has increased due to constant the rise in tourists from all over the world. All in all, this vicious cycle of building and re-building has seriously harmed some areas of incredible Himachal Pradesh. 

The following YouTube video from ‘Tribune’ shows the devastation caused by the landslide in the Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh.

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