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A village in Indian Kashmir got 100% of its population vaccinated

The Weyan village of Jammu & Kashmir got vaccinated despite initial 'Vaccine Hesitancy'.

A village in the state of Jammu & Kashmir located in the district of Bandipora became the first village in India to get fully vaccinated. According to the official reports, all the adult population of this village received the Coronavirus vaccine and is now considered fully vaccinated.

The name of the village is Weyan and initially, the people of this village were hesitant of vaccination. After a few weeks, the entire adult population got vaccinated and the village is not declared as 100% vaccinated.

According to the officials, initially, they faced many problems, the health workers went on foot and house to house. This was because there are no roads to reach the village by any vehicle.

The official data shows that the total population of this village is around 362 adults which includes mostly nomadic villagers who live simply. The villagers are mostly cattle herders and small farmers. There is no internet access in the village and the villagers were not able to book a slot for vaccination.

There is no information on how the officials managed to convince the villagers to get the vaccines despite ‘vaccine hesitancy’ among the village population. There is an increasing number of people in India who are protesting against the vaccines and doubting their safety on their health.

Regardless, the vaccine campaigns done by the government are in full swing and door-to-door vaccination drives are already being planned. The overall new Covid cases have dropped significantly and the state of Jammu & Kashmir reported less than 1000 new cases last month. According to the official data, there are around 4000 deaths reported from Covid-19 infection this year.

The Weyan village is not getting promoted as a fully vaccinated village in India by the mainstream media. The media encourage more and more people in and around Jammu & Kashmir to get vaccinated as soon as possible. The following news report by ‘India Today’ calls this vaccination as Good news after 100% vaccination was completed in this village.



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