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Adventure tourism to be affected in Himachal due to Omicron cases.

The entire tourism industry has been affected due to the detection of Omicron variant.

Manali: One more dark year is expected for adventure tourism in Himachal. Domestic tourism in Himachal benefited from the international travel restrictions but at the same time, the adventure tourism industry is affected as it is largely dependent on foreign tourists.

As we all know that the domestic tourism industry of Himachal incurred many losses during the first and second waves of covid-19. But fortunately, these losses are being covered due to International Travel Restrictions. Lakhs of tourists, who had planned to visit foreign locations, ended up visiting the state. And due to this many hotels had good business this year. But on the contrary, thousands of people in the state who are into adventure tourism may still have to wait another year to get foreign clients.

Adventure Tour Operators Association president Ravi Thakur said foreigners being the main clients, the adventure tourism industry of the state has been affected badly for more than a year now. “The Omicron scare has started to affect tourism worldwide. Foreign tourists generally plan their tours one year in advance. Under present circumstances, nobody would want to plan. As the Omicron variant of Covid-19 is casting a shadow, nobody is certain about the future of the industry. Adventure tourism will likely take one more year to get back on track,” According to him.

And most importantly this is not a recent loss. It has been more than two seasons now that the state has not seen any foreign tourists who are up for the adventure activities.

Activities like mountaineering, bike tours, jeep safaris, or other adventurous expeditions, foreigners used to be the main clients in Himachal.  Trekking, climbing guides, porters, cooks, support staff, agencies, and thousands of young people of Himachal are dependent on adventure tourism. They are feeling hopeless with the never-ending COVID situation and feel like they may lose their job.

“People in India are also taking up adventure tours, instead of regular family tours. But this section is still very small.”

Domestic clients also bring us business but many agencies are largely dependent on foreigners who stay in the state for weeks or months.” Said Thakur.

The locals who are in the business believe that the more diversion they have of tourists, the more business they get. And they believe they will have good business in Jan and Feb. And nonetheless, the adventure tourism industry will continue reeling from the impact of Covid-19.


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