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All adventure tourists will have to do a mandatory registration

All trekker and adventure sports enthusiasts will have to register before their adventure activities.

The government of Kerala announced today that mandatory registration is required by all tourists who are traveling for adventure activities. So all trekking and adventure sports enthusiasts will have to register themselves before traveling.

During the festive seasons, people are travelling in greater numbers. More and more people are traveling to popular winter destinations such as Goa, Rajasthan, and Kerala. Kerala is one of the most popular destinations you can travel to in the winter months.

The registration mandate is to keep track of the tourists so to rescue them in case of any emergencies. Since the past few weeks, many people have lost their lives in the flooding in Kerala along with various natural disasters in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Considering the safety of the travelers, the government has decided to make registration mandatory for travelers going on adventure activities.

Several districts of Kerala are preparing to open their tourism activities as more and more reservations are being made. Thousands of tourists are expected o visit Kerala for the next 4 months. The weather conditions are getting better and all the preparations have been made in terms of health and safety.

Following is the news article from the ‘Deccan Chronicle’ reporting about the recent announcement for mandatory registration of adventure travelers.

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