Almost all of India will be opened for tourism from October

Kerala has given no official announcement about opening its tourism activities in October.

Air India Flight
Air India flight (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

The fifth phase (Unlock 5.0) of unlocking the lockdown restrictions in India will begin from 1st October 2020. Under this procedure, all tourism states in India will start welcoming tourists starting in October. The important monuments and sites will be opened in various phases.

All major tourist destinations will open such as Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Andamans, Sikkim, Madhya Pradesh, and many others.

In the past few weeks, many tourism campaigns were promoted to boost domestic tourism that allowed tourists to go for an affordable and safe vacation. The restrictions of acquiring an E-Pass and submitting the COVID-19 medical report has been removed. Domestic air flights have started operating and all the tourism-related services and facilities are strictly following the safety protocols and guidelines.

Himachal Pradesh, Goa, and Karnataka are now allowing tourists with the most minimum restrictions. The state of Uttarakhand is offering discount coupons to tourists to help boost tourism activities. Rajasthan has also seen a steady rise in the number of incoming tourists. Madhya Pradesh is currently promoting ‘Workation’ for working individuals who can visit Madhya Pradesh and work in a calm environment. Taj Mahal also opened its doors last week to the tourists.

The hotspot for COVID-19 is the state of Maharashtra, which is one of the most infected places in India. The state is also considering starting tourism with proper safety checks and safety guidelines for the tourists. However, the state will open its sites in different phases to ensure the safety of the tourists. The Taboda Tiger Reserve is scheduled to open from 1st October to the public.

As per the promotion of ‘Eco-Tourism’, the state of West Bengal has reopened its forests for the tourists. Many cottage based vacation packages are being promoted as well where the tourists can camp and trek through the forest areas. Also, the hills of Darjeeling are ready to welcome tourists. The hotels and tourist sites are being prepared.

Tamil Nadu is another hotspot where the number of active COVID cases spiked last month. It is still not open to tourists. However, the hill stations of Tamil Nadu are open for tourists with some restrictions. Puducherry and Ladakh are also allowing tourists to visit. Some activities have also started in the islands of the Andaman and Nicobar.

The state of Kerala is still closed for the tourists and there has been no news regarding any definite decision towards opening for tourism. It is expected that some tourist activity will be allowed in the month of October because of the need to revive the tourism industry.

The frequency of domestic flights has also increased which pointed towards the rise in the short-term vacations throughout India.

The following are the states that have announced officially about reopening their tourism activities in the month of October.


  1. Odisha: The state has decided to open all its temples and beaches in Puri, Gopalpur, Konark, and Bhubaneshwar. The government has also launched a domestic tourism campaign called ‘Odisha by Road’ to encourage tourists to travel by road.
  2. Sikkim: The state decided to officially reopen all its tourism activities starting from 10th The state borders will be opened along with all the hotels and homestays.
  3. Tripura announced that it will reopen all destinations for tourists starting 1st The state is developing a helipad near the popular Dumbur Lake among other developments.
  4. Arunachal Pradesh’s Chief Minister also announced the in October the tourism activities will resume. He stated that the decision to open is critical to reviving the local economy.


In summary, almost all of India is open to tourists. Some places will continue to have strict safety guidelines such as thermal scanning and wearing of masks along with social distancing measures. However, there is no news about starting international tourism in India.

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