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Amazing destinations in Malappuram, Kerala worth visiting at least once

מלאפורם מקדמת את יעדיה בכדי למשוך תיירים מקומיים.

Malappuram, Kottakunnu (image source: wikimedia commons)

Malappuram district is the most popular destination for the people visiting Kerala. Malappuram has a very rich heritage and history with its breath-taking scenic beauty, tasty food, and great experiences to offer tourists.

Following is the list of destinations that one should consider visiting when in Kerala.

  1. Adyanpara Waterfalls: This beautiful destination is located in the Nilambur region. This waterfall is the best one in Kerala. This destination is easily connected to the main routes.
  1. Canoli’s Plot: This is one of the oldest plantations of Teak in the entire world. It is also located in the Nilambur region. A very popular attraction is a giant bridge built over the river of Chaliyar. The diverse forest invites long silent walks which can be refreshing for both body and mind.
  1. Padinjarekkara Beach: One of the most cleanest and beautiful beaches in Kerala. This beach is near Tirur town and can be easily reached.
  1. Nudumkayam: This is a popular trekker’s destination. Nedumkayam is a rain-forest and trekking through it is an experience to cherish. The trekking route through the dense forest ends at a waterfall called Mundakadav.
  1. Thuchan Parambu: This place is located in Tirur Town and is considered as a cultural center for history and knowledge. The museum houses the literary manuscripts of the Malayalam language.
  1. Kadalundi Sanctuary: Kadalundi is known as India’s first community reserve which promotes eco-tourism. This sanctuary is home for many migratory and rare bird species.
  1. Teak Museum: This museum is dedicated to the Teak tree which is highly valued in the world market. This museum is located in the Nilambur region.
  1. Kottakkal Arya Vaidyasala: This school is among the country’s best Ayurveda schools. This destination is very popular among the tourists coming for medical tourism. This facility has a museum that traces the history and evolution of Ayurvedic medicine.

The following YouTube video from Kerala Tourism shows the beauty of Padinjarekkara Beach.

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