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Another landslide in Kinnaur kills 10 people and injures 13

Last month's landslide also killed several people and damaged the vehicles and properties of local people.

Another major landslide occurred today on 11th August in the region of Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh. As per the official report, 10 people have been killed by the landslide and many are still buried under the rubble. Rescue efforts are going on for the victims of the landslide.

Also, 13 people are reported to be injured due to the landslide. A bus carrying 40 passengers is also expected to be buried under the rubble. Army and police forces have been deployed to rescue people from the debris.

Last month, the landslide killed several people and destroyed the vehicles and properties of the people in Kinnaur. Due to the extreme rains, more landslides are expected in the coming weeks. Monsoon months are expected to create havoc in many places in India.

Tourists have been told not to visit the state of Himachal Pradesh to avoid any mishap. Road conditions are dangerous for all incoming travelers traveling to places like Spiti and Kinnaur. In the coming days, more information regarding the landslide damage will be made public.

The following YouTube video from ‘The Tribune’ channel shows the landslide falling over the road.

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