Anti-Covid drug 2DG by DRDO launched in India

The 2DG drug is meant only for the critical patients who are dependent on oxygen.

The Defense Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) launch is the first batch of anti-covid drug called 2-DG today. This drug was publically announced by the Defense Minister and the Health Minister of India.

The Health Minister of India, Mr. Harsh Vardhan said that the drug is the first Indian drug that is a result of research done by DRDO.

With the current surge of new active cases of COVID-19 and the shortage of vaccines, the approval for this drug has been done already. The results of this drug are yet to be known so presently this is considered a good initiative by government officials. The government officials seem to be quite optimistic about the release of 2DG drugs.

2DG is an oral medication and is considered only for emergency use for critical COVID patients. According to the research, the drug 2DG (2-deoxy-D-Glucose) helps greatly in the recovery process of the Covid patient. These claims are made by the Health Ministry of India.

The 2DG drug was developed as an anti-covid therapy drug by the Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences (INMAS) with the collaboration of Hyderabad based Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories. According to the Ministry of Health, the drug is in a powdered form that is taken by mixing it in water.

According to the Health Ministry, the patients who are critical and are facing severe oxygen dependency can be helped with this drug. This drug also helps the patients to recover quickly from the critical symptoms.

The following news report by ‘CNN-News18’ talks about how the research of this drug is a breakthrough in the treatment of critical Covid patients.

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