Anti-Vaccine groups on Social Media are growing

Many people in India are expressing their distrust of vaccines on Social Media.

During the surge in the Covid cases in the United States, there were a large number of people protesting against wearing masks and the vaccination. There were several cases where all the protests by these people were considered being fueled by conspiracy theories.

Now, in India, with the surge of Covid infections and news related to the shortage of vaccines, people are showing their distrust towards anything that the government is saying. Along with the increasing number of Covid-19 patients, a new deadly ‘Black Fungus’ has also emerged. This fungus is only seen in patients who are hospitalized. This fueled further the distrust of people who vent their frustration and anger on social media.

In recent months, it has been observed that there are several groups on Telegram and other social media channels who protest the vaccination drive in India. These groups also talk about the falseness of Covid-19. Most of these people believe that a large number of deaths happening currently is a plan to depopulate humanity.

India’s healthcare system is struggling with a shortage of essential medical supplies, equipment, and vaccines. Some people consider these groups as conspiracy theorists who are making the present crisis even worse by spreading misinformation.

However, on the other side, the Whatsapp and Telegram groups along with Facebook pages and YouTube channels, have been growing with more and more posts from people who are against the vaccination in India.

People in these groups have been calling vaccination a conspiracy to enslave and make people sicker. Some theories even suggest that the second wave of Covid-19 happened during the time large-scale vaccination started in India. This link between vaccination and Covid surge is what made people distrust the vaccines.

Many people in these groups believe that the vaccines cause serious health issues related to infertility and DNA alterations. These videos and posts are gaining more and more attention in the past weeks.

The following news report by CBS talked about the growing number of people who are against vaccines and told them that they are spreading misinformation.

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