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Anti-vaccine news on social media created hesitancy for vaccines among people of Kolkata

All the 'Anti-Vaccine' news in the mainstream media has been labeled as 'Fake'.

The people of Kolkata located in the area of Mominpur have clearly shown their skepticism towards the safety of vaccines over the human body. News reports in the mainstream media have called the ‘Anti-vaccine’ articles fake.

The central and all the state governments of India have been aggressively advocating the vaccination necessity throughout India. As per the vaccine campaigns, getting the Covid-19 vaccine is the most effective to stay safe.

There are several reported cases of traders in the Braunfield Market in Mominpur area who are actively refusing the vaccination. Some of the people in the market stated that the vaccines are creating infertility and impotency among the people who took the vaccines.

There are several articles on Social Media where people have claimed that serious health issues and death can occur among people after taking the vaccination. The mistrust for vaccination has increased significantly among the people of India. There are several reported cases of villagers in remote rural parts of India where people believe that the vaccines are not safe for their bodies.

The following news report from ‘India Today’ shows a ground report of people expressing their fears for vaccines.

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