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Around 18,000 daily tourists are visiting Himachal Pradesh

Tourists are visiting the hill stations despite the risks of landslides and flash floods.

The Director-General of Police in Himachal Pradesh said that there are more than 18000 tourists visiting Himachal Pradesh every single day. Despite the risks of spreading Covid infection, the tourists are constantly flocking to the hill stations in India.

Also, it was reported that around 7500 tourists were crowded the new Rohtang Tunnel. Many of the tourists were seen flouting the Covid-related protocols. The government has said that measures are being taken to control the flow of tourists in Himachal Pradesh.

There have also been reports about the landslides that are happening due to heavy rainfall in the popular hill stations of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. There were recent reports about tourists evacuating certain areas of Dharamshala to avoid any dangerous situation caused by the bad weather. Despite these risks, the tourists are still visiting hill stations.

According to the Police officials, it is a challenge to regulate the incoming tourists and monitor their behavior constantly. Despite the slight decrease in the number of incoming tourists, overcrowded hotels and highways are still being reported.

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