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Art Villages created in various tourist destinations of Rajasthan

These 'Art Villages' are created to help boost local tourism.

Among the many initiatives to help revive tourism in India and Rajasthan, many ‘art villages’ are being created and promoted to help attract tourists. Rajasthan’s large population depends on tourism. Many locals lost their livelihood during the pandemic. The government has been developing several projects in Rajasthan to help the tourism activities resume.

These ‘Art Villages’ are created to help tourists to understand the local culture and heritage of Rajasthan. The underlying theme of these villages is to stop migration and help the local village life survive.

These art villages are being developed by the ‘The Mandawa Art Village project’.  The local artists come together to develop several art projects to portray the local village life. Several workshops and art galleries are being planned to promote the local artists.

Following is the official news article from ‘National Herald India’ reporting about the ‘Art Villages’ in Rajasthan.



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