Astro tourism is gaining popularity in India

Tourist destinations are receiving steady flow of tourists despite Covid situation in India.

It’s the pandemic again! Yes, the travel plans are at a halt again. We all are scrolling Instagram to see videos of our dream travel destinations. We have something cool for you. Keep reading about Astro tourism that is on the rise and inspiring space enthusiasts, travelers, and photographers.

The Phyang monastery in Ladakh will start welcoming stargazers from April 2022. This all started when the monks had an idea. They all recommended that why not promote the homestay, located along the banks of Pangong Tso as Astro stays. This is indeed a great idea as the thought of visiting Ladakh and experiencing stargazing is not something one can resist.

This initiative was taken forward by the Global Himalayan Expedition (GHE) which is already managing and initiating solar energy projects in other Himalayan remote villages. The founder of Astrostays mentioned that the monastery wanted the stargazing experience to be seen from the pov of Buddhist cosmology. This would be a unique factor and attract many people. The monastery will hopefully be set up by March.

This homestay was established in the Maan village of Ladakh in 2019. And in the initial months only, more than 350 visitors were mesmerized by the stars, planets, and constellations when they looked through their Go to Dobsonian telescope. Also, whatever revenue is generated through this, is fueled back into the community to help with the building up of solar water heaters.

When it’s about Astro tourism, travelers plan for the important upcoming events. They want to experience solar eclipses, meteor showers, and other major upcoming celestial events. Also, with restrictions on international travel, many domestic travelers are loving the idea of astronomy clubs and local campsites. They are all in for exploring accessible destinations with astonishing night views.

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