Best Agriculture-Tourism destinations in India

The concept of 'Agri-Tourism' has the potential to improve lives of rural India.

Backwaters of Kerala (image source: wikimedia commons)

In the context of the Indian economy, about 65% of the Indian population is dependent on Agriculture. It plays an important role in the lives of people in the villages as well as the cities.

Recently, a new concept has become popular and it is called ‘Agri-Tourism’. This concept invites the tourists to come in contact with the village life where they can learn more about the local bio-diversity as well as the agricultural life in a village. There is a better opportunity to know where the food is sourced from and what methods farmers use to cultivate various crops.

This concept involves taking care of the guest by providing food and accommodation along with activities of participation in the farming operations.

Tourism can play a huge part in helping this concept gain popularity and much-needed funding to promote it to the world. Many job opportunities can be created by investing more in this concept and make it into a reality on a larger scale.

The idea behind the concept of ‘Agri-tourism’ is based on guest and host relationships. The development in this area has the potential to improve the lives in rural India. The guests can also learn about the local culture, cuisine, language, and lifestyle. This type of travel is very popular among the city dwellers who need a peaceful getaway from the city life.

Currently, the following are the main destinations that are suitable for ‘Agri-Tourism’.

  1. Devalokam Farmstay Retreat in Kerala: It is a family-owned farm stay that is easily reached from Kochi airport. All the food is produced locally and offered to the guests. Many other activities are available for tourists such as rafting, cow-milking, swimming, and trekking, etc.
  1. Maachli, Sindudurg in Nagaland: This village is known popularly as the village with the ‘elevated huts’. It focuses on eco-tourism and tourists are encouraged to keep their natural surroundings clean. Various local delicacies are available. Many activities such as cooking lessons, farming, and trekking are available.
  1. Konyak Tea Retreat in Nagaland: This retreat belongs to a tattooed tribe popularly known as ‘Headhunters’. The farm does not grow tea anymore but there are Orange tree orchards and farms with organic vegetables that are grown. Local harvest is provided for the guests to taste.
  1. Vanilla County of Kottayam in Kerala: Situated near Vagamon in the Western Ghat range where tourists can visit plantations, do bird watching, take village tours, do meditation, or simply swim in the many natural pools. The backwaters are also available for boat cruises.
  1. Enchanted Forest Farm in Sikkim: This organic farm is almost self-sustainable. It provides a peaceful retreat space where you can simply relax. The accommodations are traditional huts and cottages which are very comfortable to stay in.
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