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Bhagsu Nag facing flash floods and heavy rainfall

Monsoon season has started in Himachal Pradesh and heavy rainfalls are expected in the coming weeks as well.

According to the Indian Meteorological Department, Himachal Pradesh including Dharamshala will experience heavy rainfall in the coming few days. The Meteorological department has already given a warning for the upcoming severe weather. Heavy rainfalls can be expected until 15th July.

Following is one of the videos shot by Rahul Chadha in Bhagsu Nag showing the intensity of the flash flood that has hit Bhagsu Nag.


Flash floods have flooded the main square of Bhagsu Nag. This square is where most of the taxis park their cars. Due to heavy flooding, some of the vehicles were washed away and the movement of the people are severely hampered.

Dharamshala and all the major towns including Mcleodganj, Dharamkot Kangra, Sidhbari, and Tapovan are all facing heavy rainfalls. This weather marks the beginning of the monsoon season. During monsoons, places like Dharamkot and Bhagsu are likely to see more flash flooding in the coming weeks.

With the beginning of the monsoon season, the temperatures in the main cities of Delhi, Punjab, and Haryana will see some relief. Also, during the monsoons, the tourists are less likely to travel to the hills due to road conditions during monsoons.

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