Bill Gates said that vaccine formulas should not be shared with India

India has exported vaccines to more than 70 countries in the past.

Bill Gates recently said that sharing the vaccine patents with developing countries like India would turn out to be too expensive. He also said that because of the patents and intellectual rights it should not be shared with the developing countries.

This has made a lot of people criticize Bill Gates because of his remarks. Many critics have said that this is a very selfish move where the countries like India are deprived of the vaccines when they are needed the most.

Sharing the vaccine formula will help the developing countries combat the crisis and will make the vaccines cheaper for the people who need them. Bill Gates justified his statement by saying that it is simply not feasible to transfer the vaccines to developing countries. He also said that transport of the vaccines will not be possible without ‘our grants and expertise’.

India has exported vaccines to over 70 countries before the clinical trials started. It is very ironic to see Bill Gates talking about the feasibility of the transfer of vaccines.

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