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‘Black Fungus’ cases on the rise in Rajasthan

'Black Fungus' has been declared as an epidemic in the state of Rajasthan.

The government of the state of Rajasthan has declared Mucormycosis as an epidemic. With the growing number of cases of Mucormycosis also known as ‘Black Fungus’, the Covid patients are even more scared than ever. The ‘Black Fungus’ is known to affect the patients battling with Covid-19 infection.

As of now, there is no clear indication of how this fungus has originated and has been able to affect so many people in the last month. After considering the rising number of cases the state of Rajasthan has issued a notification under the ‘Rajasthan Epidemic Act 2020’ and declaring ‘Black Fungus’ as an epidemic.

Apart from Rajasthan, New Delhi has also seen a significant number of Covid-19 patients battling with Mucormycosis. Many measures have been taking to control the spread and to treat the victims of the fungal infection.

The healthcare officials are still struggling to contain the spread of the ‘Black Fungus’ along with treating it in time to save the lives of patients. As of now, it has been learned that the fungal infection is most likely to affect patients who are diabetic.

The ‘Black Fungus’ is also believed to infect people who are hospitalized. So far, there is no report of people getting infected in their homes. With the increasing number of Covid-19 cases in Rajasthan and the rest of India, Mucormycosis is a severe threat to the health and safety of patients.

Following is one of the news reports showing a doctor who is trying to explain the cause of Mucormycosis.

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