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Businesses in Kerala find new creative ways to sustain their business

Houseboats and Pools in hotels are being used for fish farming.

Kerala Houseboat
Houseboat in the backwaters of Kerala (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

With the challenges created by the COVID pandemic, the fish farmers found some rather creative alternatives to sustain their fishing business. The most popular among such innovations is Fish farming in the swimming pools and the vegetable cultivation on the houseboats.

After suffering severely due to the pandemic, the people involved in the tourism business have started to find their own solutions for their livelihood.

The houseboats that were previously used to host tourists are now used for growing vegetables. Many houseboat tourism went out of business due to the COVID crisis and houseboats that were empty started with their own vegetable farming business. This idea ended being very fruitful for some in these trying times.

Similarly, many luxury houseboats in Kottayam also started fish farming on their boats. A 6000 litre mini pool on one of the luxury houseboats was converted into a fish farm and Tilapia fish was deposited into the pool. Some of the houseboat farmers are now finding a way to develop a potential for fish farming tourism in Kerala.

Some luxury resorts have also been reported to use their swimming pools for fish farming. One of the luxury resort called ‘Aveda  Resorts’ has converted their 250,000-litre infinity pool into a fish farm. According to the General Manager of Aveda Resorts, they will continue to farm fish until the tourism industry fully recovers.

Many fish farmers have found sustenance to their livelihood through these fish farming and vegetable farming options.

Although Kerala is opening up to Tourism by allowing tourists and opening up temples and important sites for people to visit, the number of COVID cases are also rising in Kerala. This has made tourists fearful to travel to Kerala.

The number of tourists is slowly rising, however, but it is not enough for the tourism businesses to make ends meet. 

The following YouTube video from the channnel “Travocoaster” gives a glimpse into a Houseboat that is meant for tourists. 


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