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Churches in Old Goa are likely to stay closed for the month of July

Church authorities are preparing to handle the visitors safely.

Church in Old Goa_Featured Image
Basilica of Bom Jesus, Old Goa (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Goa has been officially open for the tourists and many major sites have opened throughout India. However, the churches in old Goa located in the world heritage complex are still closed for the tourists. Many historical monuments have opened throughout the country but Old Goa has decided to keep the churches shut.

The most popular church in Old Goa is The Basilica of Bom Jesus which attracted around 5,000 tourists every single day before the lockdown. Another popular site called ‘Se Cathedral’ has also been closed for the public. Both these sites are considered heritage sites that are protected by the Archaeological Survey of India.

The government has already sanctioned the opening of all religious places while following the safety protocols. However, the churches have decided not to open before the month of August. The rector of Basilica, Father Patricio Fernandes said that if the cases of COVID continue to peak in Goa. They will keep the churches closed for the public. 

According to the church authorities, the opening of the churches will increase the spread of COVID since the number of visitors is usually around 10,000 per day. Even due to social distancing, the number of daily visitors is still too much to handle by the church authorities.

Priests of other churches have also told the Archaeological Survey of India that opening the churches to the public will be very risky for the people. All the safety protocols need to be implemented before opening the church. The church authorities are working towards handling daily visitors safely. Once the final inspection of the safety protocols is made, the churches will open. But as of now, it is expected that the churches will open at the beginning of August.

The following YouTube video from channel called “Amazing Places on Our Planet” give a glimpse into the beautiful places in Old Goa.


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