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Cloudburst in Lahaul Spiti caused by heavy rains kills 7 people

Heavy rainfall is currently happening all over Himachal Pradesh causing overflooding of the rivers and landslides.

According to recent reports, the heavy rainfall caused severe flash floods that killed 7 people. Also, 9 people have been reported missing after the incident. In the past few weeks, the rains have been continuously pouring in Himachal Pradesh.

Recently, the flash floods that happened in Bhagsunag, Dharamshala also destroyed property, and lives were lost. This week, a landslide was reported in Kinnaur where 9 people lost their lives. The government officials and tourism authorities have been warning tourists not to visit Himachal Pradesh after considering the possibility of bad weather.

In the Udaipur area of Lahaul, the flash floods last night at 8 pm swept away many people, and private vehicles were also washed away. Police personnel has been deployed to secure the area and search for the missing people.

Many roads leading to Lahaul and Spiti have been blocked. Several tourists have been stuck due to the bad weather. The heavy rainfall is continuing and more devastation is feared in the coming days.

Many major tourist destinations have warned tourists to avoid visiting Himachal Pradesh. A red alert has been announced by all major district administrations of the popular tourist destinations of Kullu, Manali, and Shimla.

The following YouTube video from the channel called ‘ewn24 news’ posted a video of flash flood waters rushing through the hills of Lahaul.

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