Complete list of safety guidelines announced by the Indian Ministry of Tourism

על פי ההנחיות יפעלו כל העסקים הקשורים לתיירות

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After considering the urgent need to open up Tourism, Indian Tourism Ministry gave
detailed list of guidelines for all hotel, tour operators, restaurants and
related service providers. The announced guidelines are for both domestic and
international travel service providers.

The tourism and travel service providers include hotels, restaurants, guides, tour
operators, travel agents and other facilitators. Following are the points
mentioned in the announced set of guidelines.

·     Health certificate or necessary medical documents will be required for the travelers by the hotels. Booking to the hotels will only be accepted if the traveler has no history of infection in the last 28 days.


·        Mandatory online bookings will be done instead of cash transactions.

·        Maximum group size of 15 people in a group tours are allowed to ensure social distancing.


·     Transport vehicles such as taxis and buses will have to be sanitized and the use of partition between the passenger’s seat and the driver’s seat has to be there.


·        It is recommended to have a ‘No Handshake’ policy for greeting people.


·     Important emergency contact numbers are required to be on display for all transport vehicles. All travelers are required to have the information accessible to them at all times.


·        All transport vehicles are required to use the disposable covers for the seats and the headrests.


·        Basic health checkup needs to be performed on all passengers boarding any transport vehicle. 


·        All hotels and home-stays need to provide their staff with sanitizers, masks, gloves and thermal gun. 


·        All guests and hotel owners are required to install the contact tracing app called ‘Aarogya Setu’ on their mobile devices.


·        Guests are strictly prohibited from entering the kitchen of the hotel.


·        All hotels and restaurants are required to use disposable cutlery for food.


·        All guests who go missing or refuse to follow any of the rules will have to be informed to the police by the hotel staff. 

·        Details of the hotel guest along with their medical condition need to be approved in advance for registration.

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