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Complete lockdown for July 24 & 25 announced in Kerala

Since last 24 hours, the new cases of Covid have risen significantly.

According to the recent Covid data, around two-thirds of the Indian population has produced antibodies. On the other hand, a sudden spike in the new coronavirus cases has caused worry among the health care departments. Yesterday, India recorded over 42,000 new Covid cases. This number has been increasing steadily since last few days. Over 3900 deaths have been reported in the last 24 hours.

Considering the rise of the new infections, the state government of Kerala has announced imposing a weekend lockdown. This state-wide lockdown will have strict restrictions on the movement of people. The State Disaster Management Authority is making sure that the complete state lockdown of 48 hours is implemented fully.

The Supreme Court of India told the Kerala government not to make any relaxation during the ‘Eid-Al-Adha’. Earlier, the government made some relaxations for the shops and the movement of people. Kerala has been a hotspot for Covid since the beginning of the pandemic. It is still among the worst-hit states with the highest number of COVID-positive cases reported in India.

As for tourism in Kerala, there is no good news, because of the travel restrictions and the fear of the third wave, tourists activities have stopped along with the businesses that run them. Another challenge is the sudden shortage of the vaccine supply in India. With more reports coming in of fully vaccinated people getting the infection, the new vaccines are being prepared. These new vaccines are most likely to be available around September.

The following news report from ‘India Today’ talks about the Supreme Court statement against the Kerala government’s decision to relax restrictions.

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