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Lockdown helped clean the lakes of Rajasthan

Evening at Pushkar Lake, Rajasthan (image source : wikimedia commons)

Halted tourism and low human activity had a profound impact on the overall health of the lakes in Rajasthan. The waters of the lakes are way less polluted as compared to the previous months.

The main culprit for pollution was industrial waste. Due to the lockdown and the shutdown of the industries, the lakes are now cleaner than ever. The water quality has improved not just for the lakes but also for the waters of dams, rivers, and canals. These improvements were reported by the state pollution control board of Rajasthan.

The same improvement in the water quality was also observed in the rivers of Ganga and Yamuna. These rivers are revered in the Hindu tradition. The samples studied and compared from these water bodies have shown significant improvement.

Also, the Pushkar lake water is now very clean compared to the previous months. Several other water bodies in the state such as Pichola Lake, Kodal Dam, Kaylana Jheel, etc. are also pollution-free.

The state pollution board has attributed improvements directly to the shutting down of commercial industries. The lockdown made it possible for the lakes to relieve themselves of the pollution.

Although the halting of tourism is still a concern for the livelihood of the locals. The environmental benefits are still to be considered as a good thing for the rivers and lakes of India. The right measures need to be taken by the authorities to maintain the health of the lakes and rivers of India.

The following YouTube video from the channel called ‘PixelDo Media’ shows the beauty of the lakes of Udaipur district of Rajasthan.

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