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Covid-19 restrictions for tourists got relaxed in Sikkim

Fully vaccinated tourists do not need the RT-PCR test report to travel.

After the recent Covid-19 restrictions on tourists entering Sikkim, the state government has decided to relax the travel restrictions. The state government of Sikkim is working towards boosting the tourism industry which requires an increase in tourist activity.

After relaxing the travel restrictions for tourists, the businesses can recover from the losses they incurred during the lockdown period. However, the relaxation of the restriction still did not have much effect on the difficulty to travel to Sikkim. 

As per the new guidelines, the tourists who have received one dose of the vaccine still have to show a Covid-negative test report. Fully vaccinated tourists will be allowed to travel all over Sikkim without any restrictions. Everyone else will have to produce a medical test report. 

Casinos, hotels, bars, and restaurants have been allowed to open for tourists. The businesses are expected to resume after a long period of lockdown. With the increase in the incoming tourists, the tourism revenue will increase and the lost jobs are expected to return.

The following YouTube video from the channel called ‘mandirachhetri’ shows Sikkim as a tourist destination. It is a promotional video showing the beauty of Sikkim’s landscape.

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