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COVID-negative report required for all tourists visiting Assam including the fully vaccinated

More and more states have started to impose restrictions on tourists.

With the new anxiety of the upcoming third wave of Covid-19, the state government has taken strict measures to control the flow of tourists entering the mountain regions of India. To escape the hot weather, tourists from all over India rush towards higher altitudes. In recent weeks, huge crowds of tourists were seen in the hills of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Last week, the state of Himachal Pradesh introduced safety measures to control and monitor tourists entering the state borders. The state of Uttarakhand also took some strict measures to check the spread of Covid.

The government of Assam announced that all tourists will have to carry a Covid-negative certificate before entering Assam. Even the fully-vaccinated individuals will have to get the Covid-negative result in order to visit Assam.

Assam and the other states of North-East India have also seen a huge surge in the number of incoming tourists. To control the spread of the Covid-19 and to reduce the risk of new infections, strict measures will be taken in the coming weeks. More and more states are doing the same after seeing a surge in tourist numbers.

The third wave is also expected to hit India by the end of August according to the experts. And before August, the number of tourists visiting the hills of India is huge. The summer months are the peak tourist season in the mountains. The tourism businesses are trying to get back in business after seeing the months of lockdown.

As of now, there is no way to determine how bad the third wave will be Indian tourism industry. But, currently, the large tourist numbers are a good sign for the tour operators in India.

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