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Covid positivity rate in Goa is now above 10%

During the last eight days, the positivity rate has climbed from 2.33% to 10.77%.

The recent Covid data shows that the Covid positivity rate is now 10.77% as recorded on Sunday. 388 cases out of 3604 have turned out to be positive as per the health officials.

The health officials also said that on 26th December the Covid-positivity rate was 2.33%. However, due to the heavy influx of tourists, the rate has increased significantly. It has been observed that hundreds of tourists visited Goa for the New Year’s celebration. In the past eight days, the number of Covid cases has increased.

The state government has not yet announced any strict restriction on the movement of tourists. But considering, the rising number of positive cases in Goa, the travel restrictions can come back in full swing. To escape the cold weather in the North, the tourists are traveling to warmer destinations such as Goa, Rajasthan, and Kerala.

In the coming days, we can expect some new rules and restrictions that will inhibit the traveling of the tourists and limit the number of people allowed in social gatherings. Following is the official news article from ‘Hindustan Times’ reporting about the recent numbers on the Covid positivity rate.



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