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COVID restrictions will be relaxed in Assam starting 1st November

Assam is trying to fully vaccinate its population before November 1.

The recent announcement came from the state government of Assam about the Covid restrictions. According to the government officials, the travel restrictions for the tourists will be relaxed further starting from 1st November. The officials also said that they are making efforts to fully vaccinate all the people in the state of Assam before November 1st.

The vaccination efforts in Assam have increased as an initiative to revive the tourism sector. States like Himachal Pradesh and Goa have already opened up to allow tourists. Assam is working towards making travel easier for tourists.

However, due to the increased vaccination efforts all over India, most of the tourists visiting Assam are already vaccinated. New destinations in Assam are being prepared for the tourists with added adventure and sightseeing opportunities.

Following is the detailed report from ‘’ about the recent announcement made by the state government of Assam.

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