Covid scammers are on the rise in India

India is struggling to procure essential medical supplies and equipment.

The second wave of Covid-19 has proven to be deadly for India and its people. The medical infrastructure of India got tested to its limits during this crisis. The most essential life-sustaining drugs and medical equipment have been in short supply. This has created the worst situation for the patients fighting for their lives.

Many people started ‘Black marketing’ of the oxygen cylinders by selling them to individuals for double the actual price. There have been several reports of people hoarding the oxygen cylinders and selling them at a rather higher price through various social media channels.

This hoarding of oxygen cylinders and other supplies has made the situation worse for the hospitals as they are struggling to procure the much-needed supply of oxygen for critical patients. It has been learned that one of the suppliers charged around 15,000 rupees for a single oxygen cylinder.

The police also found many suppliers who are painting the Fire Extinguishers as oxygen cylinders and selling them at a very high price and thus scamming people and making their situation worse than it is.

Reports of fake Remdesivir drugs also came up with many people getting arrested for selling fake medications at exorbitant prices. Police have made several arrests of people hoarding and scamming people in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. Police also arrested people who are charging high prices for an ambulance service.

It is quite disheartening to see how people are taking advantage of the pandemic and profiting from it at the expense of the lives of people. With more and more desperation, people are looking for solutions to save their loved ones. In their desperation, they post on social media where these scammers ask for money in advance in return for some essential supplies. Most of these people do not deliver anything at all once they receive the money.

For India, it is a time of moral crisis where people are exploiting the crisis for their benefit. The following news report from ‘India Today’ shows various cases where Covid-19 patients got scammed.

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