Covid self-test kit launched by a Pune-based company.

The self-test kit will remove the need of a contact a test lab and waiting for the results.

A Pune-based company called Mylab Discovery Solutions has launched a Self-Covid Test kit. This test kit is an RT-PCR test that has been approved by the ICMR. This is a rapid Covid-19 test that anyone can do themselves and get an instant result.

The sale of this test kit is expected to rise in the coming months because of the fear of the upcoming third Covid-19 wave. The name of this test kit is CoviSelf and it was launched today (20th May 2021).

According to the health officials, the self-testing will reduce the strain on the health facilities that are already overburdened with large public testing of Covid-19 infection in people. Usually, people do house calls for the lab assistants who visit an individual’s home to collect the blood sample. This whole procedure to get the results took around 72 hours.

However, with CoviSelf the testing time will be greatly reduced. Also, less contact with the outside personnel will reduce the chances of infection. According to the company officials, these test kits are very reasonably priced and will be easily available throughout India in the coming weeks.

Presently, the company Mylab is pricing the test at 250 Rupees for a single test kit. They are expected to produce 10 million kits in the next two weeks and distribute them in the market.  The following is the instructional video that the company released recently for their Covid test kit.


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