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Covid test report required for all tourists visiting Himachal Pradesh

The re-introduction of the Covid test requirement is meant for controlling the number of incoming tourists.

Today, the state government of Himachal Pradesh re-introduced the requirement for a Covid-negative test report from all incoming tourists. Last month, the government has given several relaxations for traveling tourists. This resulted in the overcrowding of all popular hill stations.

The overcrowding of tourists was a risk that could make Himachal Pradesh a hotspot for Covid infections. To combat this, the state government decided to control the flow of incoming tourists. This will be done by making sure that all tourists get themselves tested before traveling.

Also, with the bad weather conditions causing landslides, a large number of tourists could get hurt. To avoid any such situation, control of the tourist flow is needed. After the news of the recent disasters of landslides and flash floods, the number of tourists has already declined significantly.

Once the weather conditions improve, the tourists are expected to return to the mountains for winter activities. The Covid-test requirement is not likely to be changed anytime soon because of the expected third wave of Covid-19.

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