Covid vaccine for children in India is expected to release next month

Bharat Biotech ane Zydus Cadila are the companies conducting clinical trials on children.

There have been several vaccine trials being conducted for children in India. With more and more licenses being given to vaccine producers, India will most likely be getting many different vaccines available for all age groups by the end of this year.

According to the new Health Minister of India, the vaccination drive for children is expected to start next week. The much-feared third wave is expected to hit by August in India and as per the experts, the new Covid wave will affect children the most. After these statements got circulated in the media, there has been a rising concern for children’s health and safety.

There are have been many different vaccines that are being developed for children. One of them is Covaxin by Bharat Biotech, a Hyderabad-based company. The vaccine-related data is expected to be released by September. After reviewing that data, the vaccine can be released into the market. Covaxin is currently planning to conduct trials on children.

On the other hand, Pfizer’s vaccine has already been tested and approved in Europe. This mRNA vaccine is considered safe for children from ages 12-15 years. If approved, the Pfizer vaccine can be available by August or September. The government officials are still working out the specifics of the vaccine release in India.

Zydus-Cadila is another company that is continuing its vaccine trials on children. But the most likely vaccine to be available for children is Covaxin. This Bharat Biotech vaccine is most likely to be the first vaccine available in India for children.

The following news report from ‘India Ahead News’, talks about the Union Health Minister’s statement regarding the availability of vaccines for children next month.

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