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Cruise Tourism being planned by the Rajasthan’s government

Rajasthan's tourism industry is slowly recovering since the pandemic.

As per the recent news, the state government of Rajasthan is in a meeting with the companies that are stakeholders in the tourism sector. The discussions have been regarding the new projects and finding new ideas to boost the tourism activities of the state. The new projects being discussed are aimed towards the rivers and lakes situated in the Kota and Udaipur.

The image of Rajasthan is mainly of the desert-based location. The new initiative towards introducing cruise tourism will help change that image. Many houseboats with built-in accommodation are being considered as part of the Cruise tourism initiatives.

Since the pandemic, Rajasthan’s tourism industry is slowly recovering. Many artists and business owners have been out of work during the pandemic. As per the government officials, these new initiatives will create new jobs and opportunities for the local people of Rajasthan. Also, the focus will to be promote these travel experiences to domestic tourists.

Following is the news article from ‘Free Press Journal’ about the new upcoming Cruise tourism projects being announced by the government.



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