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Manali and his voice have decided to stay closed by September

The Malenians made a joint decision because of the requests of the local residents.

Anni in Kullu
I, Voice (photo source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Joint association of Hotels in the districts of Kullu and Manali decided to close their hotels until September. All the hotels held a meeting and discussed the increasing concern of the residents of the place to allow tourist entrance. Fear is that there is a danger of spreading the virus if you encourage tourism.

The factors said they are ready to open their hotels if they see a significant decrease in the number of new sticky ones. Most of the small guesthouses are located in the villages. The villagers are particularly afraid of the use of the corona, and therefore they have asked all the operators of the house to wait until September to restart their businesses.

Also, it is less likely that the owners of the guest houses will perform all the safety guidelines released by the government. The provincial administration of his voice and Manali plans to educate the owners of the guest houses to maintain the guidelines of social distance and safety.

Many tourists were also seen without having a negative report to the Corona after the provincial border opened. The vast influx of tourists has aroused the concern of the local residents.

There is now a thorough examination of all people entering borders with a healthy health certificate report. Around 40 tourists were returned because they did not carry the required medical document.

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