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Darjeeling ready to Welcome Tourists from July 1

אחוזת התה של דרג'ילינג פתוחה כעת לתיירים.

Tea Worker Darjeeling
Tea Worker in Darjeeling (image source: wikimedia commons)

After 30th June, another lockdown will end and the second phase of unlocking will begin throughout the country.  With this in mind, many tourist destinations will finally open and start welcoming tourists. States like Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu have already opened up their monumental, cultural, and spiritual sites for the general public.

These places are open only on a condition that the required protocols are followed as issued by the government.

After suffering heavy losses the hotel owners of the tea estate of Darjeeling decided to open up for the tourists from July 1. In the last two weeks, The hotel owners were deciding to close their businesses and lay off their staff. But in the recent reports, the hotel owners were reported to be preparing for the tourists from the 1st of July.

It is reported that a committee was formed that consisted of the hotel owners who were in dire need of visitors to help their ailing businesses. Many district officials and political parties came together to re-open the tourism businesses to help them sustain themselves.

The officials clearly gave the hotel owners instructions that they need to adhere to. These instructions are for the safety of the staff and the tourists visiting the hotel.  Under these instructions, the hotel premises will have to be sanitized regularly with proper training of the staff for crisis management. All rules that are already been issued by the government will be followed to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Along with hotel operators, tea gardeners are also allowed to operate. By the end of July, it can be ascertained if there is any recovery in tourism for Darjeeling.

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