Dead bodies of Covid-19 victims being left in river Ganges

There are several reports of data mismanagement regarding COVID-19 numbers.

According to a recent report, a fishing net is being used to catch the dead bodies that have been thrown in the waters of the river Ganges. It is suspected that the dead bodies have been left by the people who have no one to bury or cremate them. These bodies are of the Covid-19 victims and it is not certain if they have been included in the data of the Covid fatalities.

The government of India has been criticized for the mismanagement of the Covid numbers along with the provisions required to attend to the crisis.

It is quite disheartening to see dead bodies being left in the Ganges with no one to claim them. The recent daily death toll reached 4,120 today. This is the maximum death toll caused by the Covid-19 infection.

The officials confirmed that the bodies belong to the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. These are the two states where the data of Covid-19 victims are not recorded accurately. The government of these two states has been downplaying the Covid-19 crisis by not providing the required essential supplies to the hospitals.

It is also a worrying concern that the waters of the Ganges will be polluted with dead bodies. According to the official records, there are around 71 dead bodies have been collected and the last rites have been performed for them. It was believed that the bodies of the people have been dead for almost 5 days.

The official death toll of India as of today reached around 258,000. However, the number is most likely to be much higher. It has been learned that correct data is not available and hundreds of deaths are not recorded in the official records.

The following news report by ‘DW News’ from 11th May 2021 shows a detailed picture of the present situation in India.


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