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Delhi Chief Minister said that the vaccine formula should be shared

More vaccine production is needed to meet the increasing demand.

Earlier today, the Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal asked the central government to share the vaccine formula with other companies.

Due to the surge in the Covid-19 cases in India, the demand for vaccines will be greater. To meet the demands of the hospitals and other medical facilities, the scale of production should be increased. However, to increase production, more vaccine makers are needed. The sharing of the formula for the vaccine will help other companies to fulfill the demand.

It has been observed that only some major private hospitals can procure the vaccines and the smaller hospitals and medical facilities are struggling. These smaller hospitals are not able to give adequate care to the incoming Covid patients.

The Chief Minister of Delhi asked the central government to share the formula with more companies so as to meet the vaccine demands during these difficult times.

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